Support Cottage Country Hospital Care: Ride in John’s Honour

John Offutt was an avid supporter of the Parry Sound Hospital. When a cycling fundraiser was proposed, John jumped in with both feet. Despite the pandemic the first fundraiser peddled ahead in 2020. This year’s ride is in John’s honour.

From July 1 to August 31 ride with us. Become part of PSRide with your own goal setting page. Set your kilometre goal. Set your Funraising goal. It’s not about one of us, it’s about all of us together. Riding in John’s honour. Making a difference for our bodies, our minds and our local hospital.

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PSRide: Take John’s Dream to the Next Level.

  • Doug just donated $105
  • Peter G Lengyel just donated $525
  • Jeremy just donated $52.50
  • In honour and memory of John Offutt just donated $105
  • Peter just donated $3,675
  • Amie just donated $52.50
  • Jess Rutledge just donated $52.50
  • Cecil just donated $1,050
  • Amy Harkness just donated $105
  • Robert Webb just donated $250
  • Alexandria Fanjoy just donated $52.50
  • John just donated $1,050
  • C & R just donated $50
  • Connor Mangan just donated $50
  • Paul and Pam Lubbelinkhof just donated $367.50
  • Marv and Mona just donated $100
  • Andy just donated $525
  • Katarzyna just donated $52.50
  • Fiona MxBride just donated $105
  • Peter just donated $52.50

Your Goal can Achieve Wonders

Every day we ride, we are healthier (John would so promote that!). Every pledge we gather, we are safer because our ride is in support of 12 new vital signs machines at our hospital and 1 of the 6 needed replacement ICU beds. (John would love that too!) At a cost of $3,500 each, the machines are essential equipment for front line staff. Vital Signs Machines provide quick measurement of blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels in a patient’s blood. Our ICU beds ($22,000 each) are 16 years old and in need of replacement.  Your ride gets us closer to buying the 12 urgently needed Vital Signs Machines and 1 of the replacement ICU beds!

Only One Way to Ride

With your heart and soul. Ride your favourite roads and trails. Sign up anytime between now and the end of August. But whatever you do, keep track and ride like the wind!

Tracking is Easy

Track your rides with Strava, Fitbit, or manually enter your details. Keep track and share your glory, maybe even request your friends and family to applaud your efforts with donations to our cause.

Make a Difference
with Your Impact

Checking vitals regularly can alert the nurse to critical changes in a patient’s condition. Having easily accessible machines in top notch condition is essential for patient safety. Often nurses spend precious time searching for a vital sign’s device. Vital signs are checked on patients multiple times each day which means many of them are used at the same time through the entire hospital - from the emergency department to surgical services to acute care. Our replacement ICU beds provide essential support for our critically ill patients.  Ride with us and be the difference in patient care.

John by the Bow River, Fall 2020

How it works


Sign up and set your distance and FUNraising goals.


Tell everyone that you’re leaving your limits behind and ask for their support for our cottage hospital.


Track your kilometres and challenge yourself through the summer.

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