Your Generosity Enhances Health in the Parry Sound Community

We are continually amazed at the substantial level of community support for our hospital. So many members of our community have called or stopped by the office to share stories of the exemplary care they have received and their gratitude for having such amazing health resources where they live, work, and play. This level of care is available thanks to our amazing donors! Thank you!

Donors, such as yourself, have provided the funding needed to ensure that our hospital can provide the best possible care and the most precise diagnosis in the fastest possible time. Your funding has updated imaging suites, replaced aging equipment, and provided the resources needed to support those in our community struggling with their mental health.
As our community grows and ages, we will maintain our focus to ensure that we can meet the increasing needs for both preventive and responsive health challenges of all our population. Rest assured that our hospital leadership is planning for our future needs and, in partnership with the Foundation, we continue to prioritize the funding needs that will enable us to meet the healthcare needs of today and into the future.

What's Ahead for 2022-2023?

It is hard to believe that our “new” hospital is now 17 years old.  Since opening in April 2005, our hospital has “worked hard” to support the healthcare needs of our community. Our donors have been there to provide the resources to purchase the equipment needed to enhance and expand our healthcare services. But now, some of our hard-working infrastructure could use a refresh. This year, we are focusing on refurbishing our patient care areas to ensure that each patient room meets the latest standards for infection control and provide a comfortable place for our patients to recover. Through our Adopt-a-Room program we strive to refresh all 54 patient care rooms.

The “engine room” of our hospital, the Diagnostic Laboratory, plays a significant role in providing precise and rapid results for all our clinical teams. Particularly during the pandemic, the Diagnostics team has been at the forefront of ensuring the health and safety of both patients and staff. Our goal for 2022-23 is ensuring all our teams can quickly provide the most accurate treatment options for our patients by purchasing the most up-to-date diagnostic technology.

We can’t thank you enough for your dedication and support of the ever-evolving needs of our hospital. Donors are the champions that ensure we always have the resources needed to meet these needs.




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