We Make Great Things Happen With Your Donation

We do great things with your donations.

At the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation your general donation goes right to work supporting the highest priority of the Health Centre as determined by our Medical Advisory Team. Your designated donation goes to health programs or equipment purchases that you specify. Between January 2017 and October 2021, the Foundation’s transfers applied to the Health Centre’s patient records modernization total $6.2 million. This $9,700,000 electronic modernization went live October 2019, six months prior to the global pandemic. Donors first spurred then ensured this enormous advancement in patient care just in the nick-of-time. Managing the pandemic without this modernization would have been horrific. Our medical team is forever grateful.

While supporting the modernization throughout the Health Centre, Donors also bought the replacement $1.4 Million CT Scanner in 2019 and the replacement $1.4 Million 4-piece x-Ray system in 2021.

To make all this magic happen, the Foundation transferred donations equalling $3,230,868 in 2019, donations equalling $2,298,656 in 2020 and as of November 1, 2021 donations equalling $1.8 million towards critical ICU, Medical Imaging, Operating Room and Laboratory equipment.

Believe it. You are the difference. Thank you.