Celebrating our culture of giving

Staff have the opportunity to participate in a number of giving programs that benefit the WPSHC community. There are team members from the West Parry Sound Health Centre, Lakeland LTC, EMS, the Nurse-Practitioner Led Clinics, and the Foundation that feel the drive to give back.

FUN FACT: More than 130 inspiring employees have given their financial support to WPSHC so far in 2022!

Giving can be as simple as joining the staff 50/50 raffle (the Payroll Prosperity program) or donating the "pennies" off the top of your paycheque (our Change Counts program).

Our Employees Support:

Upskilling & Education Opportunities

Equipment for their Departments

Areas of Highest Need in the Hospital

Learn more about our employee giving programs:

Payroll Prosperity Staff 50/50

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Share the wealth - a 50/50 raffle!
By signing up for the Payroll Prosperity program, you will opt-in to have the cost of a 50/50 raffle ticket ($5.00) deducted from each paycheque. Each pay cycle, we disperse 50% of the ticket sales as a jackpot prize. That means, with 26 pay cycles, you will have 26 chances to win the jackpot prize each year! You can win as many times as luck allows - some participants have won three times!
The other 50% of the ticket sales funds the Payroll Prosperity Education Bursary, helping colleagues improve their skills and reach their education goals.
This payroll deduction is not eligible for tax advantage.

Employee Donations

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Giving... made easy!
Donations to WPSHC Foundation support the highest priority needs of the West Parry Sound Health Centre.
Employees can choose to give their financial support in three ways:
  1. Making a one-time donation - click here: www.wpshcf.com/give
  2. By signing up for biweekly payroll deduction - click here to get started
  3. Becoming a Northern Angel donor with a 5-year pledge - click here to get started
Charitable donations are eligible for tax advantage. One-time and Northern Angel donations will be recognized with a tax receipt; payroll deduction donations will be recorded on your T4.

Dress Down Stickers

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Friday is the day!
If you’re keen to retire your work outfit on Fridays for something more casual, you will love wearing the "I Support Local Hospital Care" sticker. For $1.00 you can wear your jeans and help the Foundation purchase equipment for the Health Centre. Stickers can be purchased at the Foundation office.

Change Counts

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Round down and make your "change" matter!
By signing up for the Change Counts program, your paycheque will be rounded down to the nearest dollar and the "change" will go to the WPSHC Foundation as part of the employee giving campaign. That money is used to fund the highest priority needs of the hospital.
With 26 pay cycles per year, the "change" varies but can never be more than $0.99... your donation will cost you less than $25.74 per year.
The total amount will be recorded on your T4 and eligible for tax advantage.

Joining the Staff 50/50 Raffle

Setting Up a Payroll
Deduction Donation

Rounding Down
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