Team Mangan

PS Ride

We are an Engine of Change for our local hospital

This is the 2nd annual Parry Sound Ride.  We are joining our cycling friends to track our personal best in fitness and raise money for best in patient care at our local hospital. Parry Sound’s small population means that all of us together really make a difference.  Our donations ensure if something happens to any one of us when we are riding, playing or just simply hanging in the area, the Health Centre will have the equipment needed to care for us.

The Parry Sound Ride is an inspiration.  We love the distance tracking on our rides and challenging each other to achieve our personal best.  Together with making a difference for patient care at our Health Centre, we're all in!

Many people believe that in Canada, government funding pays for all our health care services.  That’s not true.  In Parry Sound, government funding covers only 65% of operational costs.  Our Health Centre needs to raise $20,000,000 a year to balance the budget.  Those revenues come from contracts, parking, leasehold arrangements and other services.  All major equipment is bought by donors to the Foundation. 

So please join me and help our local hospital buy the best equipment.  The current greatest need is buying 12 vital signs machines for patient care.  Each machine costs $3,500.   

Your support means together, we are part of the Engine of Change at the Hospital.

We can hear your motor running!

Thanks for any help you can give.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Martha Mangan


Connor Mangan

Riding for John!!