Priority Need: Bone Mineral Density Testing

01 Dec 2023

Updating the Bone Mineral Density Testing equipment to maintain local services

Currently there are 2.3 million Canadians living with osteoporosis and even more are living with low bone mass, known as osteopenia. Within their lifetime, at least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will break a bone due to losing bone mass. Known as the "silent thief," bone deterioration can occur over time without demonstrating any visible symptoms.As a result of living with a disease such as osteoporosis, people face not only physical barriers such as impaired mobility, diminished quality of life and disfigurement, but they also face lowered self-esteem and a lack of independence to live their life on their own terms. In the direst circumstances, individuals battling this silent disease are battling for their very lives; we know that close to a quarter of individuals who suffer from a hip fracture die within a year of sustaining the injury.Due to the silent nature of gradual bone loss, often symptoms only become apparent once the issue is already fairly advanced and less treatable. However, if detected early, there are lifestyle changes and treatments that can drastically improve both longevity and quality of life of those dealing with bone density loss.

This is why local access, to high-quality, Bone Mineral Density Testing is absolutely essential to ensuring the general health and well-being of our community. 

Individuals over the age of 65, or those suffering from risk factors or known diseases/conditions associated with low bone mass will greatly benefit from routine screening through the form of Bone Mineral Density Testing. Tests performed using the technology of bone densitometry are a safe and painless way to accurately measure the density of your bones. The information they provide can be a crucial piece of the puzzle for planning for an active and rewarding future.A typical patient presenting to West Parry Sound Health Centre's Medical Imaging Department may not have any risk factors for developing osteoporosis. However, often routine, or precautionary diagnostic tests will catch issues long before the life of the patient can be negatively impacted. If these issues are caught early, patients can be empowered to change their future by pre-emptively discussing treatment options and suggested lifestyle changes with their physicians. Once these changes are made, patients often have very good prognoses. Many can remain active, exploring our beautiful area, enjoying their favourite pastimes, and staying actively involved in their families, including keeping up with their grandchildren.

The West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation is grateful that through the generosity of our community and donors, we can support individuals take proactive steps on their own health journeys. We are proud to be able to support accessible testing on a local level.

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