A Message from the Executive Director

“Caring to Keep Hospital Care Local” …. Helping you ‘stay put’ in Canada’s rugged grandness.

Our vision is simple: To Provide Extraordinary Support to Keep Hospital Care Local. And while our vision is simple, our task is enormous.

Situated several hours from a major centre, the West Parry Sound Health Centre cares for a community that fluctuates from 21,000 to 121,000 seasonally. Our promise to each person we serve is that we will be ready to provide the best of what’s needed, when it’s needed no matter how many need it.

Our vision recognizes the strong ties that bind people to place. Decade after decade, families and friends stay connected in our spectacular landscape. The Health Centre’s promise is meant to inspire the faith to stay put, either as a cottager or a year-round resident.

Simple but powerful, our promise to you is the best in care, technology and service. Here when you need us. It speaks to a century of industry and cottaging in an area remote, northern and sparsely populated.

The West Parry Sound Health Centre is a Canadian treasure whose local and international patients can feel at ease with the promise that extraordinary health care exists in cottage country.

The staff, volunteers and supporters of the Health Centre make an incredible commitment, every day, to help people live in Canada’s rugged grandness. Our volunteers and supporters make us a promise and their promise helps us keep our promise to you.

We rely on our volunteers, supporters and friends… in short we rely on promises realized. You can help us in our vision – To Provide Extraordinary Support for Local Hospital Care – with your donation that helps buy replacement equipment and new technologies. Government funding does not buy equipment, donors do.

Please give as generously as you can. It could save the life of someone you love.

If you would like to find out how you can help, please email, call, write or visit us.

Thank you for your consideration of helping us to keep hospital care local.


Lynne Atkinson

Executive Director


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